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Spectator Safety Policy



Spectator Safety Policy
STAUFC – P-003 1st September 2022 – Issue 5

General Policy:

Entry of Spectators

The club will ensure the provision of adequate entry systems to the stadium. To ensure that capacities are not knowingly exceeded, entry to games expected to be near capacity will be “all ticket”. The Club will employ sufficient Safety Staff (as outlined in the general safety certificate) to manage the entry of Spectators prior to and during each event

Exit of Spectators

The Club will ensure the provision and maintenance of an adequate number of exits from the stadium to accommodate the maximum capacity of any area in use. All exits will be permanently manned by safety staff while the stadium is in use and all such exits will be clearly identified.

Management of Spectators in The Stadium

Signs which govern hazards or relate to safety matters are placed prominently at all points of the stadium. Any safety matters which are specific to any event will be conveyed to spectators at the event via the PA system, the programme or such other means as may reasonably be required. Matters which concern public order problems will involve liaison between Stadium Management staff and the police.


The main duties of the Stewards are:

Inspection and Safety Reviews

The Club will operate a system whereby all systems and equipment used as part of the safety function are subject to continuous inspection and test. The frequency or inspections and tests will not be less than that advised by equipment manufactures or statutory requirements. Competent persons will be used to carry out such inspection or tests. The result of all inspections and tests will be recorded.

The result of all inspections, tests, ongoing safety reporting and recording systems which make up the risk analysis, structural, mechanical and electrical surveys will form part of the annual policy review. The certificates will be available for inspection.


With the Public: The Club will endeavour to maintain communications with the public/spectators through information on the Club Website, in Match Programmes; Club publications and the public address system. All feedback regarding stewards’ customer care from all sources both within and outside the Club will be recorded.

With Staff: The Club will encourage two-way communication with staff on all safety related matters. Staff will be encouraged to report all safety related issues through the chain of command at any time and a record will be made of all such comments.

With Other Agencies: When deemed necessary, the Club will provide facilities for both pre and post-match briefings between the Club and emergency or other external services. The Club will endeavour to provide representation at the appropriate level for all meetings with such services. The Club will attend meetings with the Safety Advisor Group and liaise with other agencies through joint exercises, planning and exchange of information.

Fire Precautions

The Club will endeavour at all times to minimise the danger and effect of fire. This will be achieved by reviewing the fire risk assessment (FRA) regularly to identify all potential risks from fire, in order to remove or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

A No Smoking policy will be enforced vigorously throughout the stadium. The Club will maintain a policy of acting upon the advice of the Fire Authorities given from time to time and employing specific fire stewards, maintaining all fire safety systems in accordance with the FRA, as well as keeping litter to a minimum.

First Aid/Medical Provision

The Club will ensure the provision of reasonable medical, ambulance and first aid cover at all events. The Club will employ a crowd doctor, when appropriate, who will be trained and competent to deal with emergencies at the stadium. The Club will engage ambulance services at a level appropriate to current and future guidance. This is currently arranged with the Scottish Ambulance Service.

The Club will provide facilities for the use of First Aid personnel and engage an appropriate number of qualified officers for each event. This is currently arranged and provided by St Andrew’s Ambulance Association.

Stadium Management Contingency Plans

The Club will take all reasonable steps to identify all possible types of emergency or system failure that could occur at the stadium while spectators are in the stadium and prepare contingency plans to deal with such incidents. Where such incidents could lead to a major incident, the Club will brief the emergency services and work with them to ensure that these plans are compatible with the major incident plans of those organisations. The Club produced its Contingency Plans and will test their effectiveness on a regular basis.

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